tiistai 23. huhtikuuta 2013

Ballerina cravings

Cravings just continue. Sunglasses cravings are not that bad at the moment, 'cause I found a cure for that, whoops ;) More from that later! But my current cravings are ballerina flats...

Yep, spring and ballerinas, inseparable combo. I love ballerinas and could walk in ballerinas all the time. Too bad the weather in Finland is not that suitable for all-year-round walking in ballerinas...

Girl should NEVER visit online stores, it never eases the urge to buy something...here are my current darlings from Zalando. (no, have nout bought a single pair - yet ;D)

Pics from Zalando

1) Buffalo Ballerinas (Pink)
2) Buffalo Ballerinas (Beige)
3) Buffalo Ballerinas (Black)
4) Hirica Zoe Agneaux Ballerinas (Beige)
5) Esprit Alma Venice Ballerinas (Black)

I love simple, classic ballerinas, in basic colors like nude and black. Like real ballet shoes :) Any other ballerina fans there?

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