tiistai 23. huhtikuuta 2013

Ballerina cravings

Cravings just continue. Sunglasses cravings are not that bad at the moment, 'cause I found a cure for that, whoops ;) More from that later! But my current cravings are ballerina flats...

Yep, spring and ballerinas, inseparable combo. I love ballerinas and could walk in ballerinas all the time. Too bad the weather in Finland is not that suitable for all-year-round walking in ballerinas...

Girl should NEVER visit online stores, it never eases the urge to buy something...here are my current darlings from Zalando. (no, have nout bought a single pair - yet ;D)

Pics from Zalando

1) Buffalo Ballerinas (Pink)
2) Buffalo Ballerinas (Beige)
3) Buffalo Ballerinas (Black)
4) Hirica Zoe Agneaux Ballerinas (Beige)
5) Esprit Alma Venice Ballerinas (Black)

I love simple, classic ballerinas, in basic colors like nude and black. Like real ballet shoes :) Any other ballerina fans there?

keskiviikko 17. huhtikuuta 2013

Spring, sun and sunglasses

Spring is definately NOT here in Helsinki, but I'm already feeling it...and it always makes me wanna buy new sunglasses. And not just one pair, but several...because I'm a greedy bastard ;)

My favorite list include Ray-Ban Aviators (at the moment I have size large, gold frame with black lenses) and now I'm very much tempted to buy the medium-sized Aviators, with gold frame and brown lenses.

My face shape is nothing but right for the traditional Ray-Ban Wayfarer's but I've recently discovered that the Folding Wayfarer is slightly different from tradional Wayfarer, and it actually suits me pretty well. Traditional Wayfarers are slightly cat-eye-shaped whereas Folding Wayfarers have bit more roundness...Gotta have 'em, and in biggest size of course :)!

Maybe I should order both, Aviators here and the Folding Wayfarer's here! 10% off from your first order, not bad...

maanantai 15. huhtikuuta 2013

Hello world. Meet me & my life.

The basic: Finnish girl in her early thirties, loves fashion, dancing and life in general. Living in Helsinki, working full-time, always dreaming about next vacation...Been blogging about dancing for quite some time already, but dancing is just a small part of my life. So this is the rest of it, you're welcome to follow it :)

(Yes, it's me jumping ;D)