maanantai 30. syyskuuta 2013

Look of the day, stripes and navy blue

I'm totally in love with my Filippa K knit, it goes practically with everything. It is sleek, super soft and warm. I bought mine in June, and the model is so popular that is has remained in Filippa K Autumn Collection. Or something like that :) Nevertheless, you can still buy yours (and I warmly recommend you to do so - you won't regret!).

For example, you can buy your Filippa K knit from Zalando (surprise surprise ;D).

Jeans: H&M
Jacket: Gant
Knit: Filippa K
Belt: Massimo Dutti
Shoes: Vagabond
Necklace: Banana Republic
Watch: Michael Kors
Bag: Mulberry Bayswater
Scarf: Gant

sunnuntai 22. syyskuuta 2013

On sale: Louis Vuitton Monogram Shawl

I'm selling my LV Monogram Shawl. It's 2 yrs old and it is in good shape. Reason for selling? Just not using it anymore, and the shawl deserves a better owner, one who wants to carry it with proud everywhere :)!

Here is the link to (in Finnish).

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tiistai 17. syyskuuta 2013

September fashion inspiration + cravings - red pumps

Just recently I read Chiara Ferragni's blog "Blonde Salad" and I spotted one particular look that got me excited. Or to be honest, it was all about the shoes; red pumps. 

At that very moment I rushed into Zalando and started looking for the perfect pair for me. I think I found one...and ordered them, whoops ;) I gathered this look around the red pumps. What do you think? Love it, like it, hate it?

Pics from Zalando, Polyvore & Spreadshirt

1) Carma Shoes
2) Oakwood leather jacket
3) Print T-shirt (this is my own design in Spreadshirt)
4) DVF Leo Clutch
5) Kiomi Cashmere Scarf
6) MAVI skinny jeans

Shoes, come quickly!!!

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maanantai 16. syyskuuta 2013

Look of the day, statement print t-shirt

This is actually my look from last Saturday, when we had had a beautiful summer weekend here in Helsinki. Maybe the last one in 2013 (autumn and winter are soon on their way)?

I really do like silk tops but sometimes they're too neat. And as this was my day off from work, I wanted to wear something casual, like print t-shirt. I paired it with denim jacket and camel coloured skirt.

My look

Skirt: Sand (OLD, I have bought it maybe in 2002!)
T-Shirt: Spreadshirt, my own design
Jacket: Gap (also OLD, maybe from 2001 :D)
Belt: H&M
Shoes: Campbell California from NYC
Bag: Olivia Harris
Scarf: LV
Watch: Michael Kors
Necklace: KappAhl

sunnuntai 15. syyskuuta 2013

Look of the day, cowgirl meets Chanel

Well, the jacket is not actually Chanel, but close enough maybe? It's at least 4 years old, but I really like it and it's kinda timeless. I wanted wear it with something not so classy, and as a result I ended up pairing it with "cowboy" clothes; denim shirt, dark blue skinny jeans and brown boots.

My look
Jeans: H&M
Denim shirt:H&M
Jacket: From Tokyo, brand is called Ropé
Scarf: LV
Shoes: Vagabond
Bag: Mulberry Bayswater
Belt:Tiger of Sweden
Watch: Michael Kors

What do you think of the look? I liked it, it has some autumn feelings in it, and it feels very me :)

torstai 5. syyskuuta 2013

New in September, shoes and jewellery

I do not buy new stuff very often. Actually, these days I am trying to buy less and utilize my existing wardrobe to its full potential. That said, I'm TRYING. But like all women, I'm regularly having those days when I do not have anything to wear...

I have been looking for black boots with moderate heel and low leg height for a while. Not too classy but not rock, difficult combination. Well, just when you're about to give up, the luck might just kick in. I was just roaming around in the Helsinki centre after work and tadah, saw these in the store window and at the end of the day came home with these Your Face boots. I did not even know that Your Face had shoes...Well, you live, you learn :)

At the same trip I went to H&M to buy some socks and I bumped into this lovely peace of jewellery. I liked the clean and masculine shape of this one, so this also came home with me.