perjantai 30. toukokuuta 2014


I'm never been a fan of Finnish Marimekko clothes, but now something has changed...Maybe it's because nowadays I'm more color and print girl. My color and print cravings might have something to do with approaching summer,but nevertheless, neutral clothes feel so boring now...

And I was uber excited about Marimekko's co-op collection with Banana Republic. Unfortunately they've sold out almost every piece, this collection was a hit. Well, there are still plenty of nice clothes available at actual Marimekko store, like these <3
Marimekko Uuva dress (pic from
Marimekko Rona skirt (pic from
Marimekko Studio shirt (pic from
Marimekko Steela dress (pic from

To be perfectly honest, Marimekko is doing great job with these bold patterns but sometimes struggles a lot with its color choices and the proportions of the clothes...No with all the clothes, but some pieces are still way too weird. Maybe it is due heritage or something, but Marimekko clothes would be a huge hit if only the company would use more commercial sense in its designs. That said (with love), I am still going to be a "Mari-girl"this summer :)

What do you guys think of Marimekko clothes?

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